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CertX Solutions for Start-up & SME's

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity, data privacy, and functional safety are not luxuries reserved solely for large enterprises. In fact, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and startups are just as vulnerable to the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats.

At CertX Solutions, we understand that the foundation of a secure and successful business, regardless of its size, rests on robust cybersecurity practices, stringent data privacy measures, and reliable functional safety systems.

The truth is, SMEs and startups often face unique challenges. Limited resources, rapid growth, and the need to establish trust with customers and partners make addressing these concerns all the more critical.

CertX Solutions supports all-sized companies

In order to fit with all, we designed a generic framework for developing your own cyber security, data privacy and/or functional safety strategy. This framework is composed of 5 major segments as described below


You are a Start-up


As a Start-up, your are looking for

a clear and pragmatic roadmap for reaching organization targets, as well as a partner for securing its execution. This roadmap needs to be tangible and efficiently followed for securing budget consumptions and sticking to business objectives

We might be your partner along that journey


You are an SME


As an SME, your are looking for

a trusted partner for securing today's and tomorrow's businesses. Cyber security and privacy risks are growing and you would like to pragmatically mitigate them, while keeping control over your budget.

We might be your partner along that journey

“One of the main cyber-risks is to think they don’t exist. The other is to try to treat all potential risks. Fix the basics, protect first what matters for your business and be ready to react properly to pertinent threats. Think data, but also business services integrity, awareness, customer experience, compliance, and reputation.”

Stephane Nappo, Vice President Global Chief Information Security Officer at SEB Group

How CertX Solutions might support your Start-up

Our Start-up package aims to support tomorrow’s major players within their challenging journey

  • Focus on Your Core Business: Devote your energy to business development while we handle cybersecurity, data privacy, and functional safety.
  • Compliance and Risk Expertise: We identify compliance targets, manage risks, and ensure safe evolution, so you can navigate regulations with ease.
  • Flexibility, Efficiency, Transparency: Our values drive streamlined operations, adaptable support, clear communication, and efficient solutions.
  • Expert Support, On Your Terms: Choose on-demand or continuous programs. Our experts provide guidance aligned with your priorities.
  • Competitive Edge: Prioritize security for trust-building with customers, partners, and investors, gaining a competitive advantage.

CertX Solutions: Your Path to Secure, Successful Growth.

How CertX Solutions might support your SME

Our tailored packages empower SMEs with dedicated virtual officers:

  • vISO (Virtual Information Security Officer): Fortify your digital fortress with expert guidance on information security.
  • vPSO (Virtual Product Security Officer): Ensure product integrity and bolster your brand’s reputation with our virtual product security officer.
  • vDPO (Virtual Data Protection Officer): Safeguard customer trust and navigate data privacy regulations effortlessly with our virtual DPO.
  • vFuSaM (Virtual Functional Safety Manager): Maintain operational safety excellence in critical systems with our virtual functional safety manager.

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